Released 2023-03-17
0005746: [Bug] When upgrading from a varchar(xxx) to longvarchar the change isn't detected on H2 (emiller)
0005737: [Bug] Serve Time Offsets Causing an Error in Determining if a Node is Offline (jvanmeter)
0005747: [Improvement] Read max-size VARCHAR columns as LONGVARCHAR columns on H2 (emiller)
0005742: [Improvement] Table sorting does not need to include sym tables (josh-a-hicks)
0005657: [Bug] SQLAnywhere CHAR is really a VARCHAR and should be mapped to VARCHAR for other dialects (emiller)
0003952: [Bug] Order table creation by foreign key dependency (pmarzullo)
0005722: [Bug] Tries to create foreign key before creating the referenced table (pmarzullo)
0005723: [Bug] The schema of the table that is being created is used instead of correct one when creating a foreign key (emiller)
0005721: [Bug] Query tries to address mixed-case column without quotes (Postgres) (pmarzullo)
0005731: [Bug] Functional indexes are only supported by Oracle (pmarzullo)
0005728: [Improvement] AbstractSymmetricEngine.isConfigured() should use the cache when querying for sym_node table (pmarzullo)
0005729: [Bug] DBImport- Allow the UI specification of the catalog and schema to override the catalog and schema specs in XML imported file (pmarzullo)
0005724: [Bug] SQL Server timestamp (rowversion) data type can not specify column size (pmarzullo)
0005720: [Improvement] sym_node trigger should capture changes even if auto.sync.configuration is set to false (pmarzullo)
0005718: [Bug] SQL Server DDL Builder needs to handle objects in different databases (pmarzullo)
0005711: [Bug] When connecting to Azure, set platform version to SQL Server 2016 (pmarzullo)
0005698: [Bug] Data truncation error when inserting/updating log event in sym_monitor_event on Interbase (emiller)
0005702: [Bug] Missing image in Manage Incoming Loads (pmarzullo)
0005699: [Bug] Missing image in Manage Nodes Load Data Where Clauses (pmarzullo)
0005700: [Bug] Grammar error (double word) in Manage Logging documentation (pmarzullo)
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