0005992: [Bug] Conflict resolver does not handle unique index violations correctly when a unique index ignores null values (emiller)
0005986: [Bug] Method that selects from sym_node_security is not synchronized (emiller)
0005984: [Bug] Fixed compatibility for other databases to insert/update into Sybase ASE Unitypes (jvanmeter)
0005983: [Improvement] Improve accuracy of CPU monitor (emiller)
0005980: [Improvement] MonitorService should use the dirty SQL template when selecting from sym_monitor_event (emiller)
0005976: [Bug] User is incorrectly warned that table is missing primary key (elong)
0005971: [Bug] Loads fail when they include a table with a SQL Server uniqueidentifier column (emiller)
0005966: [Improvement] SQLAnywhere support for stream row (pmarzullo)
0005965: [Bug] Conflict Detection Fixes for Unique Keys (cquamme)
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