Scheduled For Release 2023-10-31
0005990: [Improvement] Silent uninstall (elong)
0005988: [Bug] OracleStatementParser should not throw exception for empty sql or sql that is a comment (cquamme)
0005987: [Improvement] Enhance logging for JSQLParserException in OracleStatementParser (cquamme)
0005979: [Bug] Load Data Wizard doesn't show multiple different table routers as options. (jvanmeter)
0005973: [Bug] DB2 iSeries journal based capture support when old data is not present on updates (josh-a-hicks)
0005978: [Improvement] Console event for cancel load include load ID (elong)
0005977: [Bug] Database performance test broken on SQL-Server and others (elong)
0005975: [Bug] Upgrading from open source to pro is missing pro tables (elong)
0005974: [Bug] DB2 iSeries log miner connection leak (josh-a-hicks)
0005968: [Bug] Microsoft MsSQL jdbc driver does not handle synchronization of uniqueidentifiers correctly. (jvanmeter)
0005967: [Bug] Unable to select a different runtime database than the same one used for application tables (log based setups) (josh-a-hicks)
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