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0002233SymmetricDSBugpublic2021-11-04 14:58
Reporterglodererm Assigned Torudiejd  
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Product Version3.7.4 
Target Version3.12.12Fixed in Version3.12.12 
Summary0002233: IgnoreColumnException and IgnoreRowException are not handled correctly in bsh extension scripts
DescriptionWhen throwing an "IgnoreColumnException" or an "IgnoreRowException" in a bsh extension script the extension service does not unwrap the TargetError in which the original exception has been nested by the bsh interpreter.

The "BshColumnTransform" handles this correctly and rethrows the target exception.
Steps To ReproduceSave to file "samples/test.bsh":

transform(platform, context, column, data, sourceValues, newValue, oldValue) {
    throw new;

Register in symmetric-extensions.xml:





2021-08-11 18:46

developer   ~0001983

I can confirm that this is still an issue and I reproduced with the above steps on 3.12. Working on a fix today.


2021-08-11 22:48

developer   ~0001984

Looks like this issue was due to the fact that Beanshell scripts that were loaded as extensions throw a TargetError inside of a BshExecutionException (Spring Framework NestedRuntimeException), which we did not handle. I had to add a dependency on Spring Core, then I could catch this nested exception and handle the contents like we do other TargetErrors.

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SymmetricDS: 3.12 3f51f36d

2021-08-13 14:51:39


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0002233: fix handling of ignorecolumnexception for bsh transforms imported as spring beans (0000168)

* fix: 0002233 resolve issue with ignorecolumneception and ignorerowexception

* fix: 0002233, catch the spring error and unwrap it

* fix: 0002233 remove unneessary handling for target error

* fix: 0002233 indentation

* fix: 0002233 replace space with tabs (whoops)
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