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0002821SymmetricDSBugpublic2022-08-30 13:04
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Product Version3.8.3 
Target Version3.14.1Fixed in Version3.14.1 
Summary0002821: dbcompare attempts to insert null into "not null default ..." field
DescriptionI am comparing a single table between Oracle and MySQL databases. The "search" field is not present in Oracle, but it is present in MySQL. In order for SymmetricDS to work with it, it has a default '' value:

  `search` varchar(61) CHARACTER SET utf8 NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  FULLTEXT KEY `search_index` (`search`)

It would work if generated INSERT statements wouldn't include the `search` field at all, but they currently do:

insert into `DZ_OSOBY` (..., `search`, ...) values (...,null,...);

So, when I pipe it to mysql, I get an error:

ERROR 1048 (23000) at line 1: Column 'search' cannot be null

BTW, SymmetricDS itself works correctly with this table.



2016-09-30 14:28

administrator   ~0000873

Re-opening. Was accidentally closed when performing the release.

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SymmetricDS: 3.14 9ac56d4e

2022-08-09 17:40:53


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0002821: Fixed how dbcompare handles required columns with defaults that are not present on the source table Affected Issues
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