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0005422SymmetricDSTaskpublic2022-08-30 13:04
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Product Version3.9.14 
Target Version3.14.1Fixed in Version3.14.1 
Summary0005422: Update IReloadListener example in user guide
DescriptionThe IReloadListener example in the user guide is outdated. The SQL events on the config channel used to block until the load was complete. Now both channels can run in parallel, so the implementation provided in the user guide no longer works. It would work if you passed in the TriggerHistory and changed the channel to the reload channel when creating the SQL events, like this:

TriggerHistory history = engine.getTriggerRouterService().findTriggerHistoryForGenericSync();
        insertSqlEvent(transaction, history, "reload", targetNode, sql, isLoad,
                loadId, createBy);
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SymmetricDS: 3.14 1495c916

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