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0005981SymmetricDSBugpublic2023-09-15 20:08
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Product Version3.14.0 
Summary0005981: In a 3-tier setup, a group link from tier 1 to tier 3 causes the tier 3 nodes to receive sym_node rows for all tier 2 nodes
DescriptionIn a 3-tier setup, if there is a group link present that allows the top-tier node to send data to the bottom-tier node(s), then the bottom-tier node(s) will have their sym_node table populated with all of the middle-tier nodes. This causes warnings in the log because their sym_node_security rows are missing. The warnings look like this:

2023-09-14 08:51:50,419 WARN [bottom-tier-node] [PushService] [bottom-tier-node-push-default-5] Registration is needed before communicating with [non-parent-middle-tier-node] at [sync URL]
Steps To Reproduce1. Configure 3 node groups: corp, store, and pos
2. Configure bidirectional group links between corp and store, and store and pos
3. Configure a group link from corp to pos (routers are not necessary)
4. Add a corp node and multiple store nodes
5. Add a pos node registered under one of the store nodes
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