SymmetricDS 3.14.3 Released

SymmetricDS 3.14.3 is released! This release includes 4 new features, 15 improvements, and 23 bug fixes. Here are some highlights:

  • Fixes to DDL default values on table creation
  • Parameter to map source and target default value functions
  • More robust logic to handle missing trigger history during routing
  • Kafka data writer support for filtering
  • Support for Postgres inet, cidr, and macaddr data types
  • Support for SQL-Server non-LOB rows exceeding the 4k/8k character result set limit
  • Quicker service startup time
  • Detection and mitigation of staging file corruption

Download SymmetricDS 3.14.3

See the 3.14.3 change log
for the full list of issues with more details.