SymmetricDS 3.10.0 Released

SymmetricDS 3.10 was released, which includes 30 improvements, 5 new features, and 15 bug fixes!
Here are some highlights:

Initial Loads

  • New sym_table_reload_status table tracks progress and statistics of loads by their ID
  • Queuing the load is faster using estimated row counts of tables
  • Extracting data is faster by eliminating SQL functions and formatting data in code
  • When loading multiple nodes, extracts are shared so common tables are only extracted once
  • Oracle/Tibero use two passes on tables with LOBs to optimize extraction under 4k limit
  • Loading is faster by deferring indexes and foreign key creation until the end of the load
  • New bulk loader support for Oracle (SQL*Loader) and Tibero (tbLoader)
  • Auto resolution of foreign key errors due to extracts running at different times on busy system

Change Data Capture

  • Enhanced fallback operations can now deal with chained foreign key and unique key exceptions
  • Faster insert performance on Postgres 9.5 using “on conflict” clause to detect conflicts
  • Oracle/Tibero LOBs optimized automatically for routing and extraction under 4k limit
  • Faster, more aggressive purge settings to keep system overall running better


  • Snowflake database as a load-only target with bulk loading

See the change log for more details.