SymmetricDS 3.13.1 and 3.12.13 Released

SymmetricDS 3.13.1 and 3.12.13 are released! This is bugfix release that addresses the recent Apache Log4J vulnerability. (SymmetricDS 3.11 and older are not vulnerable.) Here are some issues fixed:

  • Upgrade log4j to fix log4shell vulnerability
  • Multiple active trigger histories result when more than one trigger assigned to a table
  • During a full load do not ok existing batches for the same load id
  • Data mapping is incorrect on an insert fallback to update potentially when column count on target is not the same as row data

Download SymmetricDS 3.13.1

Download SymmetricDS 3.12.13

See the 3.13.1 change log
or 3.12.13 change log
for the full list of issues with more details.