SymmetricDS 3.3.0 Released

SymmetricDS version 3.3.0 is released. This is a feature release that includes new configuration tables. When you upgrade to this version, it will automatically create the new tables for you. The sym_table_reload_request table provides an easy way to queue requests for reloading the data of one of your tables. For example, a remote client maybe be undergoing a software upgrade and request from the server that a table reload is sent to it.

Grouplets are a new way to create arbitrary groups of nodes that participate in a different synchronization configuration. This is useful for piloting a configuration change with a small group of nodes before rolling it out to all nodes.

The refresh cache job is now enabled by default. It checks to see if the configuration has changed and refreshes the appropriate cache. This was added so changes can take effect quickly across a cluster of root servers.

Conflict management was improved by recording the conflict_id and the current data in sym_incoming_batch. Now you can easily see exactly which conflict detector put the batch in error. If the streaming LOBs feature is enabled, the data loader now knows not to try conflict detection with a LOB, since there is no old and new data to compare.

This is a minor release that includes 8 new features, 8 improvements, and fixes 8 bugs. Yes, I counted twice, it’s 8 all around. Improvements include better logging to aid debugging, defaulting to an error for missing tables, and more documentation. Bugs include fixing the disabling of stream to file and recording a batch error message even if it occurs before or after batch processing. Get more details from the changelog.