SymmetricDS 3.8.0 Released

SymmetricDS 3.8.0 was released, which makes 40 improvements and adds 12 features!
This is a minor release that focused on performance, network efficiency, and monitoring.
Here are some new feature highlights:

  • Channels can be assigned to queues with their own thread, allowing channels to sync in parallel.
  • Initial load now runs on a background thread so extraction can run in parallel with sending. Initial loads can also be partially sent, using the sym_table_reload_request to specify which tables.
  • A new dialect was added to support VoltDB, a scale-out NewSQL database.
  • Monitoring for problems with batch errors, unsent batches, and unrouted data, as well as CPU, disk, and memory. Notifications can be configured to email problems. Both monitors and notifications use the extension API, so custom ones can be added.
  • Compare tables to find differences and put them back in sync with a command line utility called dbcompare.
  • Throttle network bandwidth usage by channel.
  • File sync support was expanded to include Android.
  • Hybrid pull that only connects to a node for a pull after being notified that data is waiting. Useful for control over network usage from a central node that runs pulls on many client nodes.
  • Native client binaries and libraries for Intel-based Windows and Linux systems, offering another deployment option for embedded systems.

We focused improvements on performance and additional network resilience.

  • Overall reduction in queries to database, with caching of objects, locks, and sequences.
  • Heavy optimization of data gap detection to perform most operations in memory.
  • Code optimization in hot spot areas, such as routing, data gaps, and transfers with staging.
  • Keepalives during push and pull synchronization to prevent connection timeouts.
  • Batches retry from staging instead of resending across the network.
  • Multiple threads used to rebuild triggers.
  • Direct copying between source and target staging areas when nodes are homed together.

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See the changelog for more information.